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Practice & Physician

A medical doctor is a person who practices medicine; sometimes referred to as a MD, medical practitioner, family doctor, primary care doctor, general practitioner, clinician, or consultant.

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Dental health is a branch of medicine focused on oral care and relating to the teeth. Patients typically see a Dentist and an Oral Hygienist during visits.

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A place for patient treatment providing medical and surgical treatment with specialized staff, including doctors and nurses.

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Optometrist, Ophthalmologists and Optician physicians specialize in the eyes, related structures, vision and visual systems. These professions differ in training and in what they can diagnose and treat.

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Surgery Center

Also known as same day or Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) and are intended for surgical procedures that are less complicated than required hospitalization.

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Emergency & EMS

An emergency medical technician (EMT), or similarly a paramedic, is a profession certified to administer basic emergency services quickly for medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

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