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Inspect rooms with RoomChecker

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Mobile Hotel Room Inspections

Performance and Trend Reports

RoomChecker® combines both mobile and web-based applications to provide comprehensive data collection and analysis. Hotel managers can inspect rooms without mounds of paperwork.

The mobile app allows the inspector to immediately report issues when they are still in the room. This eliminates the need for paper reports, and

saves the data for immediate or future reporting. RoomChecker® Mobile app in Lodging Magazine.

Immediate Issue Notifications

If issues are found in the rooms, notifications are immediately sent to cleaning or maintenance personal. Issues can be resolved before they become a guest complaint.
Reports are available on the web-based application to assist with management of rooms and staff. Reports includes issues, room and staff trends. The manager can drill-down on any reports to the individual inspection detail.

Customize the app to inspect any type of room. The app can be used by hotels, hospitals, cruise lines, resorts, property management companies and dormitories just to name a few.

Performance Scoring

The RoomChecker® app supports performance scoring. Score your staff during inspections and track their performance over time. You can even track Guest Satisfaction Ratings.


The app is completely customizable to fit the needs of your facility. The performance reports are also customizable by date, location and type of issue. Use the inspections to address immediate needs and improve on future service. Your guests will appreciate your attention to details and you will have fewer complaints.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

If you would like to use our app for your healthcare facilities take a look at our healthcare video.

  • Inspect rooms and track cleaning and maintenance issues

  • Easily collect infection data

  • Print daily reports on current cleaning, maintenance or infection issues

  • Tracking reports show room and staff data over months and years

  • Customize RoomChecker to meet your needs

  • Optional patient/family satisfaction scores and requests

Benefits of Using RoomChecker for Improved Outcomes
  • Real-time reports for family and public

  • Provide inspection documentation – list of items inspected, issues and trends including infection control

  • Meet patient expectations with standardized processes

  • Helps to meet and exceed new regulations

  • Public transparency of quality checks performed by facility

  • Improve community and public awareness with quality data

Default Inspections to Use

Check out the preset inspection options on this pdf. Just pick one and we will setup your account for you.

Clean, Inspect, Improve

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Featured Customers

RoomChecker can be used in any size hotel. Here are a few examples.
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From John Beneffield - Executive Housekeeper, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

“RoomChecker not only makes keeping records much easier and more convenient to use, it is also a 'greener' method of keeping those records, we don’t have a lot of paperwork laying around.”

“For the price of less than what you would pay an IT person for a week, you get a complete application that can be easily customized to each individual property for the year. This makes it affordable for smaller properties to be able to have access to the same technology as large corporations.”

From Celeste Hickey, Owner Liaison for Port Royal Ocean Resort

"I am confidently recommending Room Checker qMetrix Group as a solid and reliable company that are experts in their field." View entire reference letter.

From Dawn Stoltenberg- Rooms Inspector, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

“The RoomChecker app is a great way for us to teach our students. Each room has a checklist that is completed so it is easier for the students to follow the checklist instead of trying to remember everything.”

“With RoomChecker, housekeeping has moved out of the Stone Age and into the Modern Age with one giant leap.”

From Nancy Young RN, Hiawatha Care Center

"We use Room Checker to monitor antibiotic use and track infections.

The qMetrix group adjusted the application so we can list what type of Infection (wound, UTI, IV etc) and if an x-ray or cultures were done by rooms. We can track present on admit or facility acquired infections.  Printing reports in graph form is a plus.

You will find this a great aid in monitoring infections and the staff provide excellent support when needed."

Clean, Inspect, Improve

Register for a 30-day free trial now. No credit card required.

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