qMetrix Group

Software & Cloud Services

Providing cutting edge software and cloud computing services.

qMetrix is proud to offer application customization to our customers. All our apps can be changed to meet the needs of our customers.
But our expertise does not stop there. We provide consulting, application design and development and cloud computing support. Our development arm is located in Gurgaon, India. We offer world-wide support with local support in the US and India. Here is some detail...

Application Design & Development

With a focus on keeping a sharp technology edge, we create custom applications and solutions for our clients, suited to their specific needs.

One of the things that has been most satisfying for us, is to help people give shape to their ideas, and watch them grow with us. We have worked with small business owners and we have also had the privilege of working with industry leaders across verticals. Be it media, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, you name it, chances are we are there.


We are a team of highly skilled professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences. We enable our clients to solve problems and create reliable, scalable and fault tolerant solutions. Our core team has a combined experience of over 150+ years.

At a high level our consulting portfolio consists of Cloud computing, solving complex architecture and business problems, optimizing cost and eliminating performance bottlenecks across platforms and technologies.

Next Gen Technologies

Almost by habit we have been early adopters of a number of technologies, for example Meteor Js, Angular Js, MongoDB, Scala, Play Framework, Ember JS to name a few.

Although adopting early is sometimes a the pain in neck (our development team can testify), but it is not without it’s rewards. Being ahead of the curve gives us a clear vision of what’s coming up next, which in turn helps us and our clients create something that will stand the test of time.

Mobile Apps

It goes without saying, if your presence is not GREAT on mobile platforms, you might not bother with anything else. Simply being there does not cut it anymore. The emphasis has to be on creating a truly rich experience for the end consumers, admins and every user who interacts with the system.

Our expertise spans across all major mobile platforms like iOS, Windows and Android and for devices of all shapes and sizes including Smart TVs, Tablets and Mobile phones.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is here now and it is here to stay. Along with being mobile, cloud computing is probably one of the most important technological innovations.

The Cloud computing ecosystem is evolving at a mind boggling speed and it forces us to rethink the traditional wisdom of software development.

In our endeavors, we have helped our clients:

▪ Migrate to cloud, by redeploying, restructuring and rebuilding
▪ Automate seamless deployment with minimal effort and time
▪ Optimize performance and cost
▪ Solve complex problems through high end consulting